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Cacalia auriculata v. kamtschatica BSWJ12574 view
Cacalia delphiniifolia BSWJ11189 view
Cacalia delphiniifolia BSWJ11553 view
Cacalia delphiniifolia BSWJ11544 view
Cacalia farfarifolia BSWJ12849 view
Cacalia farfarifolia v. acerina BSWJ11549 view
Cacalia farfarifolia v. acerina BSWJ11554 view
Cacalia farfarifolia v. acerina BSWJ11550 view
Cacalia maximowicziana see Parasenecio BSWJ11468 view
Cacalia tebakoensis BSWJ11167 view
Cacalia tebakoensis BSWJ11536 view
Calceolaria perfoliata BSWJ14722 view
Calceolaria trilobata ssp. trilobata BSWJ14896 view
Callicarpa aff. tikusikensis BSWJ7127 view
Callicarpa formosana NMWJ14553 view
Callicarpa japonica BSWJ12621 view
Callicarpa japonica v. luxurians BSWJ8521 view
Camellia pitardii HWJ1037 view
Camellia pitardii WWJ11925 view
Campanula 'Sarastro' view
Campanula alliariifolia DHTU0126 view
Campanula punctata BSWJ7436 view
Campanula punctata v. microdonta BSWJ5553 view
Campanula takesimana BSWJ8499 view
Capparis spinosa v. inermis BSWJ13626 view
Cardamine bulbifera view
Cardamine californica view
Cardamine diphylla view
Cardamine diphylla 'Eco Cut Leaf' view
Cardamine diphylla 'Eco Moonlight' view
Cardamine glanduligera view
Cardamine heptaphylla HH view
Cardamine kitaibelii view
Cardamine laciniata 'Fine Lace' view
Cardamine macrophylla view
Cardamine macrophylla 'Bright and Bronzy' BSWJ2165a view
Cardamine maxima view
Cardamine pentaphylla view
Cardamine quinquifolia view
Cardamine trifolia view
Cardamine waldsteinii view
Cardamine yezoensis BSWJ4659 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ5845 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ5719 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ6354 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ6260 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ5734 view
Cardiandra alternifolia BSWJ6177 view
Cardiandra alternifolia 'Pink Geisha' BSWJ2803 view
Cardiandra amamioshimensis view
Cardiandra formosana 'Hsitou Splendour' BSWJ3618 view
Cardiandra formosana 'Xitou Survivor' BSWJ2005 view
Cardiandra formosana ‘Crûg’s Abundant’ BSWJ3632 view
Cardiocrinum cordatum BSWJ11069 view
Cardiocrinum cordatum v. glehnii BSWJ4722 view
Cardiocrinum giganteum WJC13698 view
Cardiocrinum giganteum view
Cardiocrinum giganteum v. yunnanense BWJ8180 view
Cardiocrinum giganteum v. yunnanense from 'Big Pink' view
Carex scaposa KWJ12304 view
Carpinus japonica BSWJ11072 view
Carpinus japonica BSWJ10803 view
Carpinus kawakami CWJ12449 view
Carpinus kawakamii CWJ12412 view
Carpinus laxiflora BSWJ10891 view
Carpinus laxiflora BSWJ11035 view
Carpinus laxiflora BSWJ10809 view
Carpinus laxiflora v. longispica BSWJ8772 view
Carpinus pubescence FMWJ13421 view
Carpinus rankanensis NMWJ14544 view
Carpinus tschonoskii BSWJ10800 view
Caulokaempferia petelotii BSWJ11818 view
Caulokaempferia petelotii HWJ541 view
Caulophyllum thalictroides ssp. robustum view
Cautleya cathcartii 'Tenzing's Gold' BSWJ2281 view
Cautleya gracilis BWJ7843 view
Cautleya gracilis 'Crûg Gold' BSWJ7186 view
Cautleya spicata 'Bleddyn's Beacon' BSWJ2408 view
Cautleya spicata 'Arun Flame' HWJK2172 view
Cautleya spicata 'Crûg Canary' BSWJ2103 view
Cautleya spicata 'Crûg Compact' BSWJ2690 view
Cautleya spicata 'Robusta' view
Celastrus aff. stylosus WJC13746 view
Celastrus dependens CWJ12478 view
Celastrus flagellaris BSWJ8572 view
Celastrus hookeri BSWJ11667 view
Celastrus kusanoi CWJ12445 view
Celastrus orbiculatus v. papillosus BSWJ591 view
Celastrus punctatus CWJ12439 view
Celastrus stephanotifolius BSWJ4727 view
Celtis choseniana BSWJ12774 view
Centropogon cordifolius BSWJ10282 view
Centropogon costaricae BSWJ10455 view
Centropogon ferrugineus BSWJ10665 view
Centropogon hirsutus BSWJ10663 view
Centropogon willdenowianus BSWJ10657 view
Cephalotaxus fortunei view
Ceratostigma asperum BSWJ7274 view
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides view
Ceratostigma willmottianum BWJ8140 view
Cercis chinensis BSWJ12665 view
Cestrum buxifolium BSWJ14395 view
Cestrum roseum BSWJ10255 view
Chaenomeles cathayensis view
Chengiopanax sciadophylloides view
Chirita speciosa 'Crûg Cornetto' HWJ1056 view
Chloranthus glaber BSWJ11102 view
Chloranthus japonicus view
Chloranthus oldhamii BSWJ2019 view
Chloranthus serratus view
Chlorophytum nepalense HWJK2018 view
Chlorophytum nepalense BSWJ2528 view
Chrysanthemum aff. yezoense BSWJ10872 view
Chrysosplenium aff. hebetatum BSWJ9835 view
Chrysosplenium davidianum view
Chrysosplenium lanuginosum v. formosanum BSWJ6979 view
Chrysosplenium macrophyllum view
Cicerbita sp. from China BWJ7891 view
Cinnamomum japonicum BSWJ14627 view
Cissus aff. pedata BSWJ2371 view
Clematis acuminata v. sikkimensis BSWJ7202 view
Clematis aff. connata from Nepal HWJK2176 view
Clematis aff. connata from Nepal HWJK2378 view
Clematis aff. connata from West Bengal GWJ9431 view
Clematis aff. connata from West Bengal GWJ9386 view
Clematis aff. grewiiflora HWJK2162 view
Clematis aff. grewiiflora HWJK2238 view
Clematis aff. montana from Nepal HWJK2251 view
Clematis aff. rehderiana from China BWJ7700 view
Clematis aff. rehderiana from China BWJ7538 view
Clematis aff. rehderiana from Nepal HWJK2116 view
Clematis aff. rehderiana from Sikkim GWJ9217 view
Clematis aff. smilacifolia BSWJ11767 view
Clematis aff. smilacifolia HWJ1049 view
Clematis aff. smilacifolia KWJ12090 view
Clematis buchananiana BSWJ8333a view
Clematis campaniflora view
Clematis chiisanensis BSWJ4560 view
Clematis chiisanensis BSWJ12725 view
Clematis chinensis RWJ10042 view
Clematis confusa HWJK2200 view
Clematis fasciculiflora L657 view
Clematis fasciculiflora KWJ12160 view
Clematis fujisanensis BSWJ11370 view
Clematis fusca v. coreana = see C.flabellata BSWJ8431 view
Clematis glaucophylla view
Clematis gracilifolia BWJ8002 view
Clematis henryi BSWJ3403 view
Clematis henryi v. morii BSWJ1668 view
Clematis ianthina v. kuripoensis BSWJ700 view
Clematis japonica v. obvallata BSWJ8922 view
Clematis koreana view
Clematis koreana view
Clematis montana from Sikkim WJC13712 view
Clematis montana from Taiwan BSWJ6724 view
Clematis montana from Taiwan BSWJ6930 view
Clematis montana group from China BWJ8189b view
Clematis montana group from the Himalayas WJC13713 view
Clematis napaulensis view
Clematis parviloba v. bartletii BSWJ6788 view
Clematis patens BSWJ12622 view
Clematis pierotii BSWJ6281 view
Clematis psilandra CWJ12377 view
Clematis serratifolia from Korea BSWJ8594 view
Clematis sp. from China BWJ7630 view
Clematis sp. from China BWJ7897 view
Clematis stans BSWJ10892 view
Clematis stans BSWJ10971 view
Clematis stans BSWJ11003 view
Clematis stans BSWJ6384 view
Clematis stans BSWJ5073 view
Clematis stans BSWJ6345 view
Clematis szuyuanensis CWJ12455 view
Clematis tashiroi CWJ12379 view
Clematis tashiroi BSWJ7005 view
Clematis tashiroi 'Yellow Peril' BSWJ1423 view
Clematis terniflora BSWJ8878 view
Clematis terniflora BSWJ5751 view
Clematis terniflora BSWJ998 view
Clematis uncinata CWJ12373 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ4567 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ8651 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ8715 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ8454 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ8640 view
Clematis urticifolia BSWJ8479 view
Clerodendrum aff. subscaposum BSWJ11735 view
Clerodendrum colebrookianum BSWJ6651 view
Clerodendrum trichotomum BSWJ4896a view
Clerodendrum trichotomum 'Shiro' (white calyx) BSWJ4896 view
Clethra barbinervis BSWJ11562 view
Clethra fabri BSWJ11702 view
Clethra fabri FMWJ13037 view
Clethra petelotii FMWJ13401/5 view
Clintonia andrewsiana view
Clintonia udensis view
Clintonia udensis from Nepal HWJK2339 view
Clintonia umbellulata view
Cocculus orbiculatus BSWJ12618 view
Codonopsis affinis GWJ9228 view
Codonopsis affinis HWJK2151 view
Codonopsis affinis HWJK2059 view
Codonopsis affinis HWJK2185 view
Codonopsis affinis HWJCM70 view
Codonopsis benthamii from Sikkim GWJ9352 view
Codonopsis convolvulacea v. hirsuta BWJ7812 view
Codonopsis forrestii BWJ7532 view
Codonopsis forrestii BWJ7847 view
Codonopsis gracilis HWJK2155 view
Codonopsis grey-wilsonii view
Codonopsis grey-wilsonii 'Himal Snow' view
Codonopsis inflata GWJ9442 view
Codonopsis kawakamii RWJ10007 view
Codonopsis kawakamii BSWJ6922 view
Codonopsis kawakamii BSWJ6975 view
Codonopsis lanceolata BSWJ5437 view
Codonopsis lanceolata BSWJ5099 view
Codonopsis rotundifolia var. angustifolia view
Codonopsis vinciflora view
Codonopsis viridis HWJK2435 view
Colignonia ovalifolia BSWJ10644 view
Colocasia formosana BSWJ6909 view
Colquhounia coccinea view
Colquhounia coccinea v. mollis BSWJ7222 view
Commelina tuberosa BSWJ10353 view
Conandron ramondioides BSWJ8929 view
Coptis chinensis BSWJ12865 view
Coptis japonica view
Coptis japonica v. dissecta view
Coptis japonica v. major view
Coptis laciniata BSWJ12863 view
Coptis omeiensis BSWJ7366 view
Coptis quinquefolia BSWJ1677 view
Coptis quinquefolia v. ramosa view
Coptis ramosa BSWJ6000 view
Coptis ramosa BSWJ6030 view
Coriaria arborea view
Coriaria intermedia BSWJ019 view
Coriaria japonica view
Coriaria japonica BSWJ10898 view
Coriaria japonica ssp. intermedia BSWJ3877 view
Coriaria kingiana view
Coriaria microphylla view
Coriaria microphylla BSWJ8999 view
Coriaria myrtifolia BSWJ14003 view
Coriaria myrtifolia view
Coriaria napalensis view
Coriaria napalensis BWJ7755 view
Coriaria pteridoides view
Coriaria ruscifolia HCM98178 view
Coriaria sarmentosa view
Coriaria sarmentosa Lake Wakitipu form view
Coriaria terminalis f. fructu-rubro KWL118 view
Coriaria terminalis v. xanthocarpa view
Coriaria terminalis v. xanthocarpa HWJK2112c view
Cornus capitata view
Cornus kousa BSWJ14620 view
Cornus kousa BSWJ12610 view
Cornus macrophylla RLR60 view
Cornus sp. HWJ849 view
Cortaderia richardii view
Corydalis chaerophylla BSWJ2951 view
Corydalis elata view
Corydalis flexuosa 'Blue Panda' view
Corydalis flexuosa 'China Blue' CD&R528c view
Corydalis flexuosa 'P'ere David' CD&R528b view
Corydalis stipulata BSWJ2951 view
Corylopsis glabrescens BSWJ14636 view
Corylus ferox GWJ9293 view
Corylus sieboldiana BSWJ11056 view
Cotoneaster ganghobaensis B&L12234 view
Cotoneaster hualiensis BSWJ3143 view
Cotoneaster moupinensis BWJ8167 view
Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie' view
Crocosmia 'Mrs. Geoffrey Howard' view
Crocosmia 'Star of the East' view
Crocosmia 'Twilight Fairy Gold’ view
Croomia heterosepala view
Curculigo crassifolia BSWJ2318 view
Curculigo crassifolia HWJ683 view
Cyclea polypetala KWJ12157 view
Cystopteris moupinensis BSWJ6767 view
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